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Single Bowl Grind Controlled Coffee Grinder (LPG)

4,087 SAR

(LPG) Single bowl coffee grinder with grind quantity control

Getting the true rich flavor of your coffee doesn't start with the extraction process. The coffee grinding process plays a big role in preserving the flavor and aroma of the coffee. So you should take into account the low height coffee grinder, and the function of controlling the grinding quantity

Features of the coffee grinder with low height and controllable grinding quantity:

Low Height: The grinder measures 38.4 cm in height and 21.95 cm in width, making it easy to install even in spaces with limited space.

With large blades: although the grinder is small in size, it is equipped with blades of 8 cm in length, providing you with an ideal grinding level

Powerful motor: It comes with a powerful rotary motor, which runs quietly.

- Large transparent coffee bowl: With a bowl to hold coffee, it can hold 2.72 kilograms of coffee beans.

Benefits of using the Ben LPG grinder:

Here is a brief overview of what it will add to you:

Grinding without disturbance: One of the problems that users of any other grinder have, is the annoying sound of the motor when working, but this is no longer an issue with the Ben LPG grinder. Although its engine is powerful, it keeps it quiet as much as possible compared to others.

-Professional grinding: When you buy a coffee grinder, you will definitely expect to get a professional grade, and this is what will happen with this grinder, with its large blades that not only grind the coffee beans, but also grind them to an even, perfect degree every time, to help you extract Unbeatable coffee.

Powerful motor: with its powerful rotary motor that works more strongly than any other commercial grinder motor, which means less heat during grinding, because the excess heat on the coffee beans during grinding leaves a bad effect on the taste

-American made

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4,087 SAR
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