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OBEL Espresso Grinder Model MITO Touch 64

2,600 SAR

The MITO TOUCH 64 is designed to deliver freshly ground coffee in a fast and quiet way with its powerful motor and silent grinding chamber.

Grinding on demand allows the aroma of the coffee to be fully appreciated. At the same time, the operation of the grinder is simplified by the touch screen. Two doses of coffee, which can be set independently, can be easily adjusted thanks to the touch screen.

The automatic cooling system, which is controlled by a temperature probe, keeps the coffee cold to ensure better quality.

*Product information /

Engine: 350W 1400 g/min

64 mm steel Burrs

Hopper: 1.5 kg of coffee

Size: 21x37x55h cm

Weight: 13 kg

LCD display

Auto cooling system whit temperature sensor

Each dose is independently adjustable

Colors: Black

2,600 SAR
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