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bulk coffee grinder

6,100 SAR

Whether you're grinding coffee to a single cup brew or grinding a pound of great coffee for discerning customers, the BUNN G Series Visual Coffee Pot (VH) delivers fast, precise grinding in a variety of popular bags, cans and containers. The sleek new design allows the operator to promote freshly ground coffee in any service environment, be it a coffee shop, grocery store, market or any combination of venues. With a 340° milling selector dial, the G Series VH gives the barista/operator complete control over milling precision. The G Series VH is simple and easy to operate.

1- Fast grinding - 1.36 kg (three pounds) in about 90 seconds increases service speed

2- Easy to use cleaning lever ensures complete removal of all ground coffee from the grinding chamber

3- Versatile design allows grinding into bags, cans, cups and other containers to meet many customer needs

4- 340 degree disc precision for fine adjustment of the size of the grinding granules

5- Bag switch prevents grinding before bag/container is put in place

6- Precision Rockwell 65C hardened blades provide consistency and grinding after grinding

7- Convenient clip holds bags and smaller containers in place for hands-free operation

6,100 SAR
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