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Privacy policy

Privacy policy

Privacy Policy and Confidentiality of Information

The ASANTE Store team welcomes you and thanks you for your trust in it. The ASANTE Store informs you that out of its concern and full awareness that the user has rights, the ASANTE Store seeks to preserve the information of users in accordance with the mechanism of the privacy policy and confidentiality of information in force in the ASANTE Store. Accordingly, ASANTE Store makes it clear to you that the privacy policy and confidentiality of information under which your information will be dealt with is as follows:


First: Information that ASANTE Store obtains and maintains in its databases

User personal information, such as name, age, e-mail, national identity number or residence number.

The user's personal login information, such as the user name, password, e-mail, and the question and answer for retrieval of the password.

The nature of the electronic platform may impose some information related to cookies for electronic purposes that facilitate the interaction between the store and the user.

Second: Does ASANTE store share this information?

Of course, the ASANTE Store seeks to retain this information in a manner that preserves the privacy of the user, and the ASANTE Store does not keep this information except for the purpose of improving the quality of the online store and facilitating the interaction between the ASANTE Store and the user.

As a general rule, all this information is only available to those in charge of the ASANTE store, and they will not publish it to others.

As ASANTE Store seeks to maintain the safety of users, in the event that ASANTE Store notices any illegal or illegal activity by the user, ASANTE Store may inform the relevant authorities after consulting with the lawyer of ASANTE Store.