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crystal cleanser

38 SAR

Easy to use, just add it to the grinder in place of the coffee grounds and turn on the grinder.

It removes the grease that accumulates on the grinder blades to preserve the life of the grinder and the taste of the coffee.

  • Made in italy.
  • You do not need to change the settings of the grinder.
  • Removes and absorbs fat.
  • Safe to use with eating and drinking utensils.

Instructions for use:

  1. Empty the coffee grinder.
  2. Run the grinder until the coffee in it is gone.
  3. Add the granules directly to the gears (1-2 bags).
  4. Cover the gears.
  5. Run the grinder until all the granules are ground.
  6. Add coffee grounds and grind, then discard the ground coffee when you see any remaining grounds.

How to use:

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10 bags * 15 grams of mill cleaning granules.

38 SAR
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