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BUNN . Coffee Maker

4,000 SAR

The Bunn Axiom-DV-APS Dual Voltage Commercial Coffee Maker. Can work on 220V, 220/208V

/ 240 volts. At low voltage, it can produce up to 67 cups of coffee per hour, and at higher voltages it can produce up to 121 cups of coffee per hour.

1- Switch the voltage easily by flipping a switch and changing the power cord

2- Automatically adjusts according to the changing water pressure

3- Electronic diagnosis and built-in tank drain make service easier

4- For high lime areas, BrewLOGIC® technology calculates the flow rate and adjusts the brewing time to maintain consistent levels in the bowl

5- Large 200-ounce tank provides continuous fermentation capacity

6- Ensure the coffee quality by programming the brew level, cold brew lock and tank temperature, which can be easily adjusted from the front of the machine

7- The coffee extraction is controlled by programmable pre-soak, pulse brewing and digital temperature accuracy

8- Prepare directly in a pot of 1.9 to 3.8 liters

9- Energy saving mode reduces tank temperature during idle periods

4,000 SAR
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