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Full cleaning pix

90 SAR

About the product:

An integrated cleaning set from the Italian company, Poly Caf, that contains everything you need to clean the portafilter, basket, steam wand, shower screen, cup head, as well as the coffee grinder.

The cleaning powder forms a foam when it comes in contact with water during the back-flash process for the group head, and it can be washed quickly and does not leave any trace or taste after the cleaning process.

Imported from Italy.

The most advanced product in cleaning espresso machines.


  1. Washing bowl of 2 liters. It is used to soak portafilters, baskets and shower screens.
  2. Powder for cleaning group head (back flash), as well as portafilter, basket and shower screen. (20 sachets * 3.5 grams).
  3. Milk Steamer Stick Cleaner (4 cans * 25ml).
  4. Groove head cleaning brush.
  5. 2 bags of mill cleaning granules.

How to use:

90 SAR
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