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Coffee & Tea Dispenser (H5XA)

4,860 SAR

If you are running a food service business, it is important to have a constant supply of hot water. There are a lot of tasks that require you to use hot water, especially making tea and coffee. For this reason, having a hot water dispenser that you can rely on is indispensable to your workflow. The H5XA Coffee & Tea Heater & Dispenser is an excellent solution to your establishment's hot water problems:

  • The Benn H5XA Digital Heater Coffee and Tea Dispenser Thermometer will give you accurate temperatures between 15.6 and 100°C on a consistent basis.
  • The unit features a contemporary, space-saving design, making it an important asset to any kitchen
  • The display will enable you to adjust the temperature simply
  • The unit comes with a programmable "energy saving mode", which reduces operating costs
  • Comes with a thinsulate® thermal insulation tank that helps save energy
  • This is the perfect tool for good control over the preparation of tea and coffee
  • Designed for easy cleaning and control. You can expect to use this dispenser for several years
  • Dimensions: 72.4 cm x 18.03 cm x 44.5 cm
  • American made

With these features, the H5XA coffee heater and tea dispenser is the only thing you will need for your hot water problems. Keep in mind that this product is made by BEN, the world's leading manufacturer of beverage equipment.

4,860 SAR
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