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Conti . 2 cup espresso machine with smart tank

16,891.31 SAR

1) Integrated rotative pump

2) Copper boiler

3) Heat exchanger

4) Thermosyphon system with adjustable flow control

5) One cool water mixer per group to adjust independently temperature of infusion of each group

6) Temperature stability in the process of extraction

7) Electric heating only

8) Boiler temperature controlled by PID system

9) Volumetric dosing

10) 2 pressure gauges: boiler pressure and pump pressure

11) 1 x mixed hot water device activated by 2 distinct buttons offering 2 different volumes electrically adjustable

12) 2 x steam wands activated with chromed levers and offering a purge feature

13) Automatic fill up of the boiler

14) Heating element protected by klixon

15) Barista lights over the working space

16) Display for easy use of the machine

17) Stainless steel reinforcement on each side panels

18) Top and bottom panels painted in the same color as the machine

1. Rotary pump

2. Copper heater

3. Heater with heat exchange feature

4. Thermosiphon system with adjustable water flow

5. Each cup has a cold water pump for humidification

6. Intelligent temperature preservation tank

7. Quantitative extraction

8. You can control the water temperature to make hot drinks

9. Chrome-plated steaming wands for sterilization

10. Illumination of the persita in the extraction area

11. Screen for ease of use

12. Stability in temperature with continuous extraction

13. Electric heating only

14. Two pressure parameters: heater pressure and pump pressure

15. Automatic filling of the tank

16. Steel reinforcements on both sides

17. Heating element provided by klixon

18. Panels on the top and bottom are painted in the same color as the machine

16,891.31 SAR
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