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Rancilio Silvia PRO Dual Boiler Espresso Machine

6,000 SAR

product specification:

  • Rancilio technology in the structure of Stainless Steel Size 25 cm only
  • digital display with timer ,
  • Temperature indicator, and alert water level
  • Put waking up programmable
  • Basket 8 grams and 16 grams
  • Water tank capacity of 2 liters,
  • Insulated boilers , energy - saving distillation tray made of stainless steel,
  • Easy removal for cleaning are adjustable in the height of the cup tray
  • Temperature regulation can adjust the temperature of the water for coffee and steam easily through the control buttons in the PID

  • The separate boilers Silvia PRO is equipped Bgalaytin separate, both are equipped with PID: one dedicated to heat water for coffee, and the other Galayhboukharah hot water and steam.
  • Dimensions : Width : 250mm, Length : 390mm, Depth : 420mm

6,000 SAR
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